Hello everyone and welcome to my Timberlandproreview.com website. Timberland boots have continued to be popular over the years within all age groups. From the regular yellow boots, to infant booties, youth boots and now working boots for construction workers. Finding comfortable boots that can be safe for work and let’s not forget something that can be wore for 8 hours a day or more can be a hassle, but in my website I have it all covered for you.


My name is Gregorio, I am a currently a labor for a demolition/ construction company. I have been part of this wonderful business for 4 years now. When I first got introduced to this working field, I didn’t know much about the proper boots that should be used. To me all boots were the same and didn’t know the details behind it. Whether it was weather proof or steal toes or slip resistance I was not aware of the different items that were available and that were offered by the Timberland brand. The Timberland brand impacts the lives of many laborers in the company I work for. It is a reliable brand and affordable, also these boots can last ages. When I was hired on to the company, I knew I had to prepare myself and knew I had to get “special boots” for work. I was not to sure on the type of boots I should purchase and I began my hunt for boots. This field increased my love and interest for Timberland boots.


My reasoning behind making this website is because I know the struggles. Being in the construction field includes a lot of stress, walking and when you are constantly moving your feet take a huge tole. Timberlands are comfortable, durable to wear and affordable. Theirs also boots that are insulated, this comes in handy when you are working outside in cold temperatures. You don’t have to worry about putting double socks on to keep your feet warm, because the boots are doing it for you. The boots have an internal waterproof membrane. They also, have a fully gusseted tongue that keeps snow out. The boots are also steal-toes, that are very important in this field. A reason why steal-toes are enforced in this field is because theirs a lot of heavy material involved. Accidents are bond to happen, heavy materials can easily fall on your toes and crush them, to prevent this steal-toes is the answer for us. The boots also have a wonderful grip that prevents you from easily slipping. Slipping is a very common injury in this work field when not having the proper boots. For example, it can easily happen when pushing materials up a ramp or working on slippery surfaces such as a roof. When you are out in the field, and a job gets difficult you will know and be confident that your boots are part of the proper PPE “Personal Protective Equipment” requirements. You want to be able to work in harsh weather conditions, but be comfortable and in style at the same time and what other boots can do that to you but TIMBERLANDS!


My main goal here is to provide everyone with proper information about Timberland boots the information I was missing when I began to work in this field. I want everyone to be safe and prepared while they are in the work field. Everyone’s main goal at the end of the day is to arrive home safe and sound after a hard day at work.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you,

Gregorio Gamboa