Timberland Pro Boots Reviews-Safety Equipment for Construction Workers

Whether you are out in the construction field or doing your day-by-day job you want to wear comfortable and durable boots that will not cost you a pretty big penny. You would like to rely on your boots the same way you rely on your tools. The boots should have the ability to work in any type of environment, whether it’s in the snow, rain, or below freezing temperatures. Being on your feet all day can be very exhausting and uncomfortable.

This is why I want to make it easy for the people working in this field. Working day by day can be very tiring, finding the proper boots shouldn’t be a hassle.  A lot of us think that having the right boot means costing a lot of money. I am here to show you that this is not the case, you can have a good quality boot that’s fits the “PPE” standards without having to break your wallet.

I am going to break it down to you, into five different categories. First category is Composite safety, Alloy and Steel toe. Second category is waterproof membrane. Third category is 18KV electrical hazard. Fourth category is all weather TPU outsole. Fifth category insulation. Last, but not least the 30-day comfort guarantee. Yes, that is right if the boot does not meet your standards, you can get your money back!

Composite Safety ToeTimberland Pro Composite Toe

Compared to the steel toe counterparts the Timberland Pro composite toes are manufactured using lightweight materials to make the shoe weight less while meeting the stands of SEMC “Safety Equipment Manufactures Committee. Composite Safety toes exceed code ASTM FZ4/3-05 known as “ANSI Z41 PT 99” I/75 and C/75 standards. I/75 stands for impact rating of 75 pounds. C/75 stands for compression rating of 75 pounds. Composite Safety toes retain heat in severe cold weather. Are 30% lighter than steel toe and are non-metallic for electric security work environments. It is advised to replace Composite safety boots after every impact and compression due to the weakening it causes on the cap.

Alloy and Steel ToeTimberland Pro Steel Toe

Timberland Pro Alloy toe work boots are made from lightweight materials like aluminum and titanium, but they are as strong as steel. This type of toe has recently gained popularity due to being lighter and having a more comfortable design. Timberland Pro Steel Toe offers better and more reliable puncture protection. Also, the Timberland Pro steel toe boots are shatter proof and cheaper than composite safety toe boots. Steel toes are heavier than composite safety shoes and do not pass-through metal detectors. Resist to bigger impacts and more compression than composite safety toes. Steel toe can observe 2500 of compression before the toe shattering. They are known to be the older classic safety shoes which have been protecting us for decades.


ASTM stands for American Society for testing and Materials. It is one of the largest standards developing organizations in the world.  They create standards, which is documentation that is received by manufactures such as Timberland Pro about procedures and regulations in their work industry. Safety toe boots are tested with two different kinds of ratings foot pounds and compression. Safety toe boots are tested to meet one of two-unit rating 50- or 75-foot pounds. The test is performed by dropping a weight from a determined height and speed. I/50 rating stands for the footwear protection of the toes while wearing the boots.  The toes can be impacted by 50 pounds. I/75 rating stands for the footwear protection of the toes while wearing the boots. The toes can be impacted by 75 pounds.

Safety toe boots are tested to meet one of two compression ratings C/50 =1,750 pounds and C/75= 2,500 pounds This test is performed by applying the designated pounds on the toe cap. C/50 rating stands for the toes being protected of 1,750 pounds. C/75 rating stands for the toes being protected of 2,500 pounds.

water proofWater Proof

Timberland Pro boots is made with leather used is silicone and liquid silicone rubber. In which it is used to seal any areas that are sewed together. The liquid silicone rubber prevents water from getting in through the areas that were sewed together. The boots seams are sealed with extra liquid silicone rubber. The manufacture also fuses the upper leather with the soles to prevent any water from getting in.

Electrical Hazard Protectionacdc

Timberland Pro boots are EH rated which means the boots have been tested by the American Society of Testing and Materials for their protection against electrocution. The ASTM provides a label inside the boot informing if the boot was EH rated or not. Thickly insulated soles prevent the flow of electricity. EH rated boots approved by OSHA must be able to withstand 1800 volts of electricity under dry conditions.

I hope this information I have provided for you is helpful enough to help you decide which boot to pick and is suitable for the type of work you do.